Head engineer VO Lines (in show order)


01: Howdy Folks, this is your head engineer.

02: Bison crossing: WooWee, y’all are lucky!

03: I know everybody from Durango to Grand Junction

04: May have noticed, but there’s all kinds of wildlife. Like this snake!

05: So Sorry, no steak

06: We got all kinds of critters out here

07: Prairie Dog gag: Love those little ones


08: Sorry, someone tampered with the engine!

09: Oh dear, stay inside the train and watch for bandits!

10: Welcome to beautiful Coyote Creek

11: Original Coyote Creek history

12: Pass the time how Granny did

***SFX*** Big E on Roof of Train

13: Deer sighting

14: Moose sighting

15: Mountain Lion sighting


16: Wild Bunch Attacks

17: Engineer was all tied up

18: No Way through the mine

19: Need an explosive idea

20: Enjoy the lighting

***SFX*** Mine Explosion

21: The Powder worked!