joyride_hex_logoBecause this project is still very much in development and is rapidly evolving, I will avoid many specifics about the project itself, but it has been a challenging and rewarding effort so far. I was added to the Joyride team initially to provide a viewpoint about audio-centric user interface design. See, Joyride is focused on providing a fun and engaging mobile app while driving. This carries the special condition of needing to be safe.

The design direction moved towards audio feedback and voice command as possible solutions. As we iterate through versions and designs, many lessons have been learned along the way. Those lessons have taken the form of hardware limitations, sound psychology, audio codec testing, machine learning, and much more.

I apologize for needing to be so vague, but such is the world of quickly-changing software and the startup world. You can, however, try out our latest version of the app and follow Joyride’s progress by installing the app for yourself. It is currently available on Android devices through the Google Play store. Get Joyride!

To read press coverage and learn about the founders, you can follow the company’s page here.