Here’s another Ben Stiller movie that I am happy to be part of. Theodore Shapiro’s comedy scores are known for playing it straight to let the humor in the scene not get over-the-top, and this is another great example of that. I recorded tons of new material for percussion, synths, atmospheres, and hard-hitting fashion beats.

This was also a project where I really tried to make good use of my new Kyma system. For the sound designers among you who know about this bit of gear, it has a huge learning curve, but I’ve enjoying digging in step by step. For this project, I ended up patching a custom vocoder where every additional voice of the vocoder was able to be processed independently with different settings and audio effects, making for a really wild sound. Ultimately, that patch got cut from the final score, but it was a great exercise in having a goal for a piece of gear you’re still learning and letting that be your guide to learning the gear. Theoretical learning only gets me so far…I benefit a ton from having a real life problem and solving it.