It’s been an incredible and inspiring ride being part of Apple’s Music Apps team in Cupertino. We are responsible for the music recording software Garageband, as well as Logic Pro, Music Memos, and Mainstage. As a Content Designer, my role touched on many of my favorite tasks: UX design, programming, sound design, music composition. Some of the most brilliant people I’ve had the pleasure to work with are on that team.

I’ve decided to leave, though, and look forward to new adventures contributing to teams tackling an even broader range of problems. Virtual reality, augmented reality, live immersive experiences, music creation, and (still a favorite) film score sound design are all back on my calendar. With the change, I’m also returning to Los Angeles with my partner, Michelle.

Thank you, Apple, for some incredible opportunities. I am very proud of the work we did together. I’m sure our paths will cross many more times in the future.