I’m very excited to have created some new sounds for composer Theodore Shapiro to use in his score for The Big Year.  The film, starring Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson, is “a sophisticated comedy about three friendly rivals who, tired of being ruled by obligations and responsibilities, dedicate a year of their lives to following their dreams. Their big year takes them on a cross-country journey of wild and life-changing adventures.”

It was a great bit of fun to make some new sounds for this.  Shapiro was looking for some original loops, instrument patches, and sounds that were sourced from authentic bird sounds.  The material I eventually ended up with was a mix of ambiences, rhythmic and melodic loops, and some effects.  It’s always very satisfying to do a project like this where you get to add in sounds that are almost never used, and to do that from original source material like owls, eagles, sparrows, and other lovely chirping creatures is a nice change from the often called for metallic scraping, vocal screaming, and evil drones of many sound-design heavy gigs.

‘The Big Year’ is being released in theatres October 14th.  Go check it out and listen for the birdies.