The SMART Gallery Tent
The SMART Gallery Tent for Lightning in a Bottle 2012

A small update on one project that popped up this summer.  I was invited to participate in an interactive sound-sculpture for the SMART Gallery featured at Lightning in a Bottle, a festival celebrating “Art, Music, Performance, Sustainability, and Life”.  Musicians featured on the main stage included Bassnectar, Apparat, and The Glitch Mob among many others. The SMART Gallery is a collection of art and performance pieces and I was given the opportunity to work with Gabriel Pulecio (, an amazing visual artist based in New York, and Mike Russek, the co-producer of the gallery who constructed our 3d-projection-ready sculpture.

"Fireworks" visuals by Lustix

The basic premise of our piece was a polygonal sculpture that had visual images projected onto it in such a way as to fit into and render within the architecture of the polygons. This was made possible by the software TouchDesigner which is able to hold a model of the physical structure and animate visuals within that model into the physical space.  My task was to create sounds that would work with these visuals to be layered up and built into either abstract sound/visual performances or musical beats.  Participants of the festival were able to interact with a control panel that triggered sound/visual events and altered parameters realtime. The final result could run the gamut from visually-elevated drum machine to a bizarre and beautiful pinball machine-like cacophony.

The performance board for "Fractured"

I will be sure to post video, sounds, and more images as I receive them, but this was a great project to be a part of, and I look forward to taking this work and others to future festivals with Gabriel and Mike.  Stay tuned…


The Lightning Stage at Lightning in a Bottle